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1 Introduction to food hygiene .оġ


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2 Food production, processing and preservation (milk, egg, aquatic animals)  file1,file2  file1, file2, file3  click
3 Food production, processing and preservation (milk, egg, aquatic animals)  .Ԫ click
4 Food spoilage
Microbial food spoilage
Factor influencing microbial growth in food
Potentially hazardous foods
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5 Food contamination and prevention
Source of food contamination
Primary/secondary contamination
Food contamination prevention
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6 Food sanitation
Cleaning and sanitizing
Personal hygiene and food handling
Pest and insect control
Sanitation program in food industry
7 Food additive . - - click
8 Food law and regulation
State and local regulation
International regulation - federal agency
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9 Foodborne disease
Microbiological causes: bacterial infection and intoxication, virus, rickettsia, fungi and parasite
Non-microbial causes
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10 Foodborne disease outbreak investigation
Steps and components of an investigation
Epidemiology components
Environmental components
Laboratory components
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11 Sampling food for microbiological analysis:
Principles and specific applications
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